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Remove data from cache

To remove data from cache, call these methods declared in allocator/CacheAllocator.h:

template <typename CacheTrait>class CacheAllocator : public CacheBase {  public:    // Remove the item with the specified key.    RemoveRes remove(Key key);
    // Remove the item pointed to by the specified handle.    RemoveRes remove(const ReadHandle& handle);
    // Remove the first chained item pointed to by the parent handle.    WriteHandle popChainedItem(WriteHandle& parent)  ...};

where RemoveRes is an enum class defined in allocator/CacheAllocator.h:

enum class RemoveRes : uint8_t {  kSuccess,  kNotFoundInRam,};

For example, the following code removes an item with key "key1":

auto rr = cache->remove("key1");if (rr == RemoveRes::kSuccess) {  std::cout << "Removed the item with key \"key1\"" << '\n';}

You can also remove the item as follows:

auto handle = cache->find("key1");if (handle) {  auto rr = cache->remove(handle);  if (rr == RemoveRes::kSuccess) {    std::cout << "Removed the item with key \"key1\"" << '\n';  }}

If you write the following three items to cache:

std::map<std::string, std::string> dict = {  { "key1", "item 1" },  { "key2", "item 2" },  { "key3", "item 3" },};for (auto& itr : dict) {  auto handle = cache->allocate(poolId, itr.first, itr.second.size());  std::memcpy(handle->getMemory(),, itr.second.size());  cache->insertOrReplace(handle);}

you can iterate and remove the three items:

For example:

for (auto itr = cache->begin(); itr != cache->end(); ++itr) {  auto rr = cache->remove(itr.asHandle());  if (rr == RemoveRes::kSuccess) {    cout << "Removed the item" << '\n';  }}

Note that it.asHandle() returns the item handle for the iterator

Consider the following chained items:

To remove the first chained item (item 1), call the popChainedItem() method:

auto handle = cache->popChainedItem(parentItemHandle);if (handle) {  cout << "Removed the first chained item" << '\n';}

If you remove the parent item, all its chained items are also removed:

rr = cache->remove(parentItemHandle);if (rr == RemoveRes::kSuccess) {  parentItemHandle->reset();}