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CacheLib user guide

Cache library (CacheLib) is a C++ library for accessing and managing cache data. It is a thread-safe API that enables developers to build and customize scalable, concurrent caches.

Who should be using CacheLib?

CacheLib is targeted at services that use gigabytes of memory to cache information. It provides an API similar to malloc and a concurrent unordered hash table for caching. Consider using cache and cachelib for your service if any of the following applies to the service:

  • Caching variable sized objects.
  • Concurrent access with zero copy semantics.
  • Hard RSS memory constraints for cache to avoid OOMs.
  • Variety of caching algorithms like LRU, Segmented LRU, FIFO, 2Q, and TTL.
  • Intelligent and automatic tuning of cache for dynamic changes to workload.
  • Shared-memory based persistence of cache across process restarts.
  • Transparent usage of DRAM and SSD for caching.

Getting started with CacheLib

To get started with cachelib, read these guides:

Are you looking for a guide on how CacheLib is designed and how to add new features to it? Please refer architecture guide.